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Traditional Acupuncture is the stimulation of specific points on the body with needles, pressure, heat and/or micro-current. These points are part of pathways or channels in which energy flows. When energy isn’t flowing freely or gets blocked, we experience less than optimal health, illness or pain. Stimulation of these points  redistributes & restores the flow of energy allowing the body to balance and heal itself more effectively.

Perfect for day to day tightness & discomfort, pain management, maintenance, & improving overall balance.

Conditions that Traditional Acupuncture can benefit from;

Athletic recovery, Arthritis, Back pain, Neck pain, Muscles (painful, tight, stiff, spasms, trigger points), Sciatica, Sports Injuries, Carpal Tunnel, Tendonitis, Plantar Fasciitis, Headaches, Migraines, Scar tissue, Inflammation, & Stress reduction.


Acupuncture Treatments–what to expect

I try to make your treatments as comfortable and pleasant as possible by using high quality, coated needles for a smooth and painless experience. You may not even feel the needles at all. If there are any unpleasant sensations after a needle has been inserted, I prefer to readjust the needle so that there is no discomfort.

Before: It is best not to come for a treatment if you have a full stomach, skipped a meal, are hungry, extremely tired, or if you have to rush off after the treatment. Avoid caffeine and sugar before a treatment as it can increase the sensitivity of the needles.

During: If possible, please wear clothes that allow for easy access to the neck, shoulders, abdomen, forearms, and lower legs. Most people find treatments very relaxing and it’s best to enjoy the experience and relax if possible afterwards.

After: Drink water, avoid strenuous activity for a few hours, as well as stressful situations (physical, mental, emotional), and sugar, heavy greasy foods, caffeine, alcohol, and tobacco.  Avoid getting chilled for 24 hours after the treatment and avoid cold rooms, a/c, drafts, wind, and cold drinks and food.

How many treatments are necessary? Almost everyone experiences an overall feeling of relaxation and peace immediately. Every person is unique, responds differently, and requires a different treatment plan, depending on the type, severity, and duration of their concern(s).

Usually more chronic conditions require more treatments more frequently. In general, results are noticed within 10 treatments, reasonably spaced, and multiple concerns may or may not be addressed simultaneously. Treatments can be anywhere from 2 treatments twice a week initially, to monthly or seasonal maintenance. Treatment plans are designed from my assessment, your collaboration, and feedback from your response and progress.

Best results are obtained by following the recommended treatment plan and all recommendations.