Move beyond addressing pain, disease, & physical imbalances into wellness & expanding consciousness

“The power of acupuncture is to harmonize and strengthen the body systems before a disease stage, but the highest level of healing is our inner journey of self-discovery and self-attunement." - M.S.

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Energy Acupuncture is incredibly relaxing and meditative, helping to align and center yourself. From this place it is much easier to heal, make decisions, communicate better with others, and navigate life.  It addresses the most fundamental causes of our imbalances (emotional, mental, spiritual) which when blocked, manifest as physical imbalances.  The body is the physical temple, the meridians are the etheric level, and acupuncture points are gateways to the astral level.  The physical body functions as a bio-magnetic battery while the needle functions as an antenna, linking universal electro-magnetic circuitry via the acupuncture meridians to penetrate the physical bod . In this way, Energy Acupuncture also strengthens your immune system and increases circulation to relieve pain and restore balance.Energy Acupuncture uses acupuncture point combinations in a very different way, like no other, which allows you to deeply relax and even meditate.


Energy Acupuncture:

* Deepens meditations 

* Quiets the mind

* Balances the brain, endocrine, & energy centers

* Aligns the physical, emotional, & spiritual bodies

* Compliments other practices (yoga, kundalini, chakras)- and is actually a form of Kundalini & Raja yoga

* Opens the higher brain centers & higher chakras by balancing the lower chakras

* Shifts your awareness to a higher level

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