Ancient & Modern Healing Arts

I blend and tailor various modalities to assist each individual client in their journey to maximum health and well-being.


The focus of Chinese medicine for thousands of years is to help people live longer and healthier naturally. Oriental Medicine uses natural laws and energetics, and a holisitic perspective to assist an individual in their journey of health and well-being. Oriental Medicine treats a variety of conditions by using a variety of safe and effective modalities, the most familiar of which is ACUPUNCTURE. (Other modalities include massage, heat therapy, electrical stimulation, cupping, guasha, herbal medicine, and dietary and nutritional recommendations.)

Chinese Herbs & Nutritional Supplements: (which are from plant, mineral, and animal sources) assist in restoring the flow of energy in the body, and also boost or replenish what we may be lacking in from our diet and lifestyle. Some herbs are actually common foods and spices that we eat and can be used medicinally as well as part of our regular diet.

Cupping & Gua Sha:  Ancient techniques in Oriental Medicine to reduce pain using suction with glass cups and gentle scraping, which loosens adhesions and releases stagnation from various levels of the tissues of the body (skin, lymph, connective tissue, and muscles).

Moxibustion/Far Infrared Heat (TDP Lamp): uses therapeutic heat either herbal (moxa or mugwort, equivalent to infrared heat) and/or electrical infrared heat units, for various conditions and benefits: decrease joint stiffness, relieve muscle spasm, increase blood flow, oxygen, and circulation, reduces inflammation and pain, increase collagen, increase metabolism, detoxifies, enhances white blood cell function/increases immune system, and more.

LOMILOMI (Hawaiian Medicine):

Hawaiian Medicine incorporates many tools in its holistic approach to health in order to balance the mind, body, and spirit. Some of these tools include Lomilomi, connecting with the breath (Ha), clearing and letting go of unhealthy thoughts and feelings so we can be rightly aligned with our Self (Ho’oponopono), medicinal herbs, prayer, intention, affirmation, and chants.

Lomilomi is traditional Hawaiian massage and is only one aspect of Hawaiian medicine. This rhythmical movement of energy (mana) communicated with the heart, hands, breath, and intention, addresses the body, mind, and spirit. Lomilomi uses many techniques (effleurage, petrissage, compression, tapotement, exfoliating, moist heat, and stretching). It is both relaxing and therapeutic and benefits all body systems (skeletal, tendino-muscular, circulatory, lymphatic, digestive, and nervous systems). We use the palms, forearms, and fingers, with light to deep pressure, customizing the various techniques, and although it communicates down to the bones, it is gentle yet powerful. A spiritually loving experience, relaxing and therapeutic, gentle yet powerful. 

 “I personally love the philosophy of Lomilomi because so many people want deep tissue body work, which often is very aggressive, painful, and invasive. Lomilomi embraces the wisdom of listening to and allowing the body and tissues to determine the appropriate rate and depth of pressure, without being hastily forceful, invasive, and painful.”


FSM (Frequency Specific Microcurrent): the use of specific frequencies to stimulate tissue repair and enable built-in healing mechanisms to operate more effectively. Repair occurs through the magnetic fields created by the moving electrons, mircocurrents, or movements of charged particles. 

Esoteric Acupuncture: releases old dysfunctional patterns and establishes a base for aligning and centering you with your highest potential.

LIFESTYLE & ENVIRONMENT (Consultation & Coaching): 

Learn stretches (from yoga and physical therapy traditions), exercises, proper body mechanics, home maintenance tips, self- massage techniques, & meditations, to reduce aches and pains, tension, stress, and improve overall well being.