Frequency Specific Microcurrent

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 Conditions for which benefits have been reported with FSM;
Achilles tendonitis, Adhesions, Back pain, Carpal tunnel syndrome, Fibrosis, Fractures, Frozen shoulder, Inflammation, Migraine headaches,
Myofascial pain and trigger points, Osteoarthritis, Neuroma, Neuromuscular pain and inflammation, Peripheral neuropathy, Plantar fasciitis,
Scar tissue, Sciatica, Spinal disc pain, Sprains/strains, Stress,  TMJ pain, Tendon and ligament injury or pain, Tension headaches,
Tennis elbow, Thoracic outlet syndrome, Whiplash

What is FSM?  FSM is the use of subtle electromagnetic energy, identical to what our body’s emit, to balance the body and treat acute/chronic pain, emotional balances, and much more. Specific frequency combinations are used to treat specific conditions, tissues, and body parts.  Unlike most other electrical-current therapies  (like TENS, Interferential, PEMF, etc.), FSM is sub sensory (you don’t feel a thing).  It also increases ATP and reduces inflammation, contributing energy to the body, which is required to heal, instead of just blocking or numbing pain (like TENS and Interferential).

How is it used?  The current is administered via wet cloths placed on the body. (Sometimes I use electropads). It can be either attended or unattended depending on the treatment goals. FSM can be used alone, very easily with acupuncture treatments, and with some massage techniques.  When indicated, it enhances the effectiveness of acupuncture for a broad range of clinical and therapeutic purposes, which I highly recommend, and just like acupuncture, the effects are also cumulative. I use FSM in place of traditional electro-stimulation because I find it is more effective and less invasive.

What does it feel like ?  Occasionally someone may feel a slight buzzing or itchy sensation, which usually means the person is dehydrated, extra sensitive, or the cloths are not wet enough.  If this is the case, the current can be lowered so that it’s not felt at all. Most of the time you can’t feel it but it works!

A few more things you should know: 

• Hydration is critical with FSM treatments to increase effectiveness and reduce post treatment detox reactions/side-effects, which will usually subside within 24-48 hours.  Additional information about this is available.

• Efficacy: frequencies either work or don’t work. If they don’t work they just have no effect. ” Can’t hurt, might help .”

• Precautions & Contraindications:  pregnancy, epilepsy, cancer, pacemakers, & pumps.

• Safe with: pins, plates, artificial joints, & stents.

There are a growing number of therapeutic systems using frequency, tuning forks and other sound therapies to create balance, health, and wellness. Jennifer interest in this started with her extensive background and studies in music and music theory, where the knowledge and use of electromagnetic energy and healing frequencies originated, in the “music of the spheres”.  Tuning forks are the acoustical version of micro-currents, and can be used therapeutically in place of needles to stimulate acupuncture points, allowing the vibrations to resonate through the acupuncture channels and the tissues. Frequency specific micro-current is a gentle, non-invasive, extremely efficient, and even faster way to address various conditions and tissues simultaneously because of it’s phenomenal accuracy and broader contact area on the body.


There is a light that casts no shadow. There is a sound that no ear can hear. There is a vision that no eye can perceive. There is an energy that requires no production.  May this light shine upon you and illuminate that which always is.  May this sound pervade you and open you to that which lies within you and beyond you.  May this arouse the vision of that which always is and create within you and around you the bliss of eternity.  And thus the energy can flow which will always enliven you.

– Harry Van Gelder (Naturopath & Osteopath), used FSM in the 1940’s